Nomadic Adventures is a media company specializing in travel writing and photography. With our team of experts, each of whom specialize in different locations, cultures and languages we aim to share our knowledge of the world through our writing, pictures and film.

Areas of expertise include adventure travel, luxury travel, eco-tourism, cultural tourism and family travel.

Our team is led by Jonathon Reynolds – the owner and driving force behind Nomadic Adventures.

Nomadic Adventures has its roots in an adventure travel company which Jonathon started in 1997 guiding trips through Canada, Belize, Mexico and the USA. From this beginning where we guided in person to our current position of guiding through our words and images Nomadic Adventures has moved far beyond the original focus, but we still focus on bringing the best of the world to our readers and viewers.

Over a decade later we travel the world in search of the new, the best and the original – those special things that make travel more than just a trip from points A to B. When we started Nomadic Adventures our motto was:

Adventures you can learn from!

It still is today – we try to convey knowledge and a special local feeling through our work whether in print, on film (well mostly digital now) or on screen.

In our destination development work we take our combined experience and work to bring the ideals of sustainable tourism and adventure tourism to our clients around the world.


Member of TMAC -Travel Media Association Of Canada
Member of the ATTA - Adventure Travel Trade Association